Monday, September 17, 2018

An Encaustic and Cold Wax Adventure

This painting has been a long journey through the dissatisfaction with the prettiness of my first idea of a woman holding a scarf that is blowing in the wind. In my mind I saw the ethereal possibilities of the encaustic painting. The original background pleased me and from then on it was a struggle. I finally gave up and decided to destroy my figurative encaustic painting by painting over it with oil and cold wax medium. I almost gave up, but kept working. The end result has a wonderful, textured surface, Follow the sometimes agonizing process; It took over a month.

Encaustic under painting

laying in the figure in encaustic

I took out her knee and began refining the hand

I thought the veil might make it right. It didn't

I gave up and started mark making over it

layering on the cold wax and oil

Can you believe this is all the same painting

What happened?

More layers and a change of palette 

more and more layers

I decided to soften all the hard edge geometric pattern by painting a realistic flower in a circle

I softened the flower with two layers of clear cold wax medium and brought some balance in the composition.

It is finished.

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