Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"So, you moved to Mexico to retire!"

A woman who visited the gallery last week asked me if I retired when I moved to Mexico 14 years ago. Retire! I actually laughed. Artists never retire.

Making paintings and selling them is my livelihood. 35 years ago, we were living in Spain, on the Costa de Sol, when my husband, Kai Winding, became ill. I took him to several doctors there and their diagnosis were wrong. As the intense pain in his head increased, I even called in intuitive, spiritual healers. They told me they sensed something like a sausage in his head that was about to explore. They were the closest to the fact that there was a tumor in his brain.

The story is long, but to shorten it for this blog, I will explain that I rushed Kai to New York where we had no medical insurance. Five and a half months later he died leaving me with insurmountable bills. Two benefit jazz concerts were held and half the proceeds were given me. I still ad no savings or income.

Now, many years later I realize that even if it were not necessary for me to create an income, I would continue making art.

The past several days I have been going through photographs of older work, either stuck back in the stacks or that have been sold.

Sometimes it looks as if several different artists made the art since there are many styles, but all of them mine at the time. I have always believed we make art that reflects who we are, and we don't stay the same. Here are some samples.

A Tribute to my late husband, painted a few years after his death. Oil on Canvas

Miles' Eyes, Miles Davis, 1989, mixed media

From the Circus Series, late 80's acrylic on canvas
50 Faces project, 3 years ago. oil on board

Jazz abstract, encaustic o board, circa 2008

Kai and Curtis, encaustic on paper 2016

encaustic on board, from the Mexican Women series, 9 years ago

My latest work, mixed media abstract

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