Monday, October 1, 2018

Selling and Making Art is A Business

Since there is no internet connection in the Vandiver Gallery, I have been painting smaller pieces with oil and cold wax.

Yesterday, another painting sold; this one a larger oil and cold wax. I realized all 5 of the paintings that sold in September were cold wax and oil; two were purchased while still a bit wet. One was bought before it was finished and the collector came back the next day to pick it up, after I had completed it. I forgotten to photograph it, so I am waiting for her to send a photo of this small nude when she gets back to Boston. Three figurative paintings and two abstract paintings were the ones that sold.

This experience of being in a gallery again, that I am sharing with my daughter, Cynthia Hamilton has made me wish I could own my own gallery again. Cynthia is an art dealer with 18 years of experience selling blue chip art in San Francisco. She is an artist, loves art, understands every technique and introduces collectors to work that will enhance their lives.

The gallery, Artisimo, in Scottsdale  AZ. that I co-owned, was, 10, 500 square feet. I had my own show room and studio, but it was a tremendous amount of work; seven days a week. I learned to respect what it takes to run an art gallery.

Below are four of the five paintings that sold, and some rather fuzzy images of the Scottsdale gallery.

Oil, Cold Wax, Transfers on canvas

Oil and Cold Wax Medium on canvas

oil and cold wax medium on canvas

"The Tattoo" oil and cold wax on cradled board, 20" x 40"

Artisimo Gallery, with my grandson, who is now 27 years old

Artistimo Gallery

We had some wonderful artists in Artisimo Gallery

My space. Loved the light and the size.

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