Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Year, New Work, New Students and Adventure in Mexico City

New bigger boards.
 The holidays were quiet and enjoyable. I finished a couple more "Lightness of Being" mixed media and encaustic, while waiting for the carpenter to make some bigger cradled boards for me.

Last weekend we went to Mexico City to absorb exciting visual experiences, and culinary taste treats.
Came back to clean the studio and welcome 2 delightful women to an introductory encaustic workshop.

16" x 16"

10" x 10"

Graciela Iturbide photo from the exhibition at Palacio Cultura in Mexico City

Palacio de Cultura where the exhibition was held

Sunday morning music, breakfast and books

encaustic workshop

Ellen. She had never painted anything before


Royal roasted salad at the CedrĂ³n restaurant in Mexico City

Here's how they serve the wine

Casa Lamm in Colonia Roma, Mexico City

Mirrored maze installation outside of the Tamayo museum


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