Friday, November 22, 2019

Sell Art Online?

The other day a neighbor stopped in and saw some of my new sale paintings. She said,"These are beautiful. People have to see them." Why don't you take them to the park on Sundays?

I don't remember saying anything to her, but I am sure my expression was of incredibility. I stopped dragging my paintings to open air, un-juried art venues about 50 years ago.

 I sell from my personal home gallery and brick and mortar galleries.and online galleries. I can't remember how many solo and group shows that I participated in, and I will continue to do that, but times are different now. Millions of paintings are sold online. A report from 2017 said that an estimated $5.4 billion in art and antiques were sold online.

I also sell from FaceBook and Instagram, Saatchi Art and Turning Art. Two other online galleries have asked me to join them and I will be working on adding images for them soon

This take time and effort but I am a professional artist and selling is my business. I owned a large art gallery in Scottsdale AZ where we represented many artists. This was years ago before internet selling was important. I found that most of our artists didn't;t want to bother with all the details of The Business of Art. They seemed to think that being an artist was enough. I reminded them that no-one was going to slip a check under their studio door, without a lot of effort .

I created a non-profit business to teach them art marketing, but very few of the artists showed up for the meetings. I taught the same thing at the University of Southern Oregon, and the few artists who listened and acted, prospered.
I believe it is easier now that so much can be done sitting at our computer. Yes, it takes time, but doesn't anything worthwhile take time?  I have been asked to teach art marketing again. I hesitate because there is much available information online covering this and anyone truly interested will take advantage of this kind of selling.

Below are some of the recently sold paintings,

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