Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another painting finished today

"Contrasts", encaustic, oil, ink on board.

The last two days it had cooled down considerably. The temperatures had been over 90 degrees - closer to 100, for a few weeks. I like the heat, but I finally had to admit "it was hot!" Not a good time to be working in the studio with heated trays and a torch, but yesterday I could spend more than 6 uninterrupted hours finishing paintings. One is quite a disaster, and is going back in the stacks to be looked at a later time.

Monday and Tuesday I went on a trip with a group to Tequisquiapan. I am still trying to learn to say that one. My Mexican friends tell me that what I am saying is "mas o menos"

This town is only 2 hours from San Miguel, but the energy was quite different. I loved that the entire center was closed to traffic and the quiet and beauty was palpable.  We were there for the wine and cheese festival. I had a bit too much champagne, but it was such a treat... lots of water before I went to bed and all was well in the morning.