Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Burned out!

I am ready for a break. I have been working every day for weeks now. The results of the last few days do not satisfy me. I will put the paintings away, and plan on cleaning the studio soon. It is such a mess, that it is adding to my discontent.

I did rework a couple of older paintings that are fine, and these are posted. I think there are improvements, but at this time, I am not sure I am seeing clearly and I am joining a couple of artists friends for a glass of wine.


  1. You deserve a break, especially after creating those wonderful faces!!! I say, "More wine!"

  2. These paintings are great! Good friends & wine will inspire you to improve even more. Fully enjoy your break!

  3. These are great pieces of art; I like the way you experiment with layers and additions - it really gives your pictures something magic.

  4. I had a wonderful evening with friends and we didn't spend the whole time talking art. We are getting excited about our trip to Guatelmala. We leave Saturday the 15th of October. Color, color and more color ahead!


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