Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More surprises

As the tour of this place was finishing up, we walked out of the amphitheater inside of the mountain, to discover an entire recreated street of old Guanajuato three stories below the first floor. The owner of the house, I still stumble over that word, but can't find a better one, built this street in honor of his father who was governor of Guanajuato in the 60's. There are fully stocked shops, another bar and a huge kitchen. We were invited into the bar where there were tables set up with fabulous cheeses, meats, a variety of breads, and beautiful fresh fruits, along with wine, water or soft drinks.

I enjoyed the repast, not understanding that a huge banquet was still to be served out on the "street."

gambling - still inside the train

stage with natural stone striations

amphitheater leading out to the "street"

a part of the reconstructed whole block of old Guanajuato

bar and restaurant on the "street"

one of the meat and cheese trays

more fabulous food
John by the pool with one of his sculptures

Another pool sculpture

The owner, showing us an antique shoe that was used for removing corn from the husk

Sign on the street with the years that the father was governor of the Guanajuato
There was so much to see, and take in. The energy of everything stayed with me and woke me in the middle of the night, still amazed.