Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is it a museum or a home?

I mentioned yesterday that I would try to describe the experience I had on Thursday. I was invited with a small group of other people from San Miguel to go to Juriquilla, a town that is this side of Querétero.

John Osmond, the sculptor, was the tour leader as he worked for 2 years creating work for this place. As we were approaching the town, John pointed out the car window and said, "See the whole town?" That is all owned by one man, my boss."

I did not know what to expect and I am still almost at a loss of words to describe it.

We first stopped at a small park when 3 of John's sculptures are placed.

Next we drove to John's patron's "place" Pictures are going to have to take the place of a lot of words.

A gold leafed carriage from France was the first thing that caught my eye when we walked in the door

The center of the "living" room was filled with geraniums

One of the many book covered tables on the main floor.

A kitchen

Lots of paintings in this room


A collection of metal horses

A kitchen sink

Note the candles

John Osmond

The master bath

The dogs each have their own brass bed. This room made me realize that the owner actually lives here. Note the slippers in the background.

Master bath
These photos are a just a sampling of the first floor. I will add more tomorrow as we went deep underground into the rooms that were blasted out of the mountain.