Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Classical art training

I have been asked to give a talk and presentation on my artistic journey of 60 years. I have prepared a slide show starting with my first abstract painting that I made in school in 1952 or 1953.

I am also going to show a drawing of a pot that I made the first semester of art school. We were not allowed to use color of the first semester. We worked in pencil or charcoal until we could create an almost photographic likeness of mundane objects. It was wonderful training in learning to really see. The final for the anatomy class was to correctly draw the skeleton without a model. The second semester we had to know and be able to draw the muscles over the bones.
old pencil drawing. That was when I had a different name. note the grade!
.This kind of classical training prepared me to understand the human body, a crumpled paper bag, and even a ear of corn. I challenged myself with choosing to draw the corn, one kernel at a time.