Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tables and Training

My daughter, Cynthia Hamilton came to San Miguel almost 2 years ago. We were side by side neighbors in a mostly Mexican neighborhood, until our move last June.

Cynthia, who was trained in faux finishing in Italy, noticed that many of the neighborhood kids were not going to school and just either picking up garbage to take to the trucks or sitting around the street playing with their phones. The older boys were openly sniffing glue all day long.

 In an effort to help a few of the younger kids, she started a training program to teach the kids to paint walls and most importantly to paint beautiful finishes on furniture. She paid each a small salary. With her constant supervision, and hands on help, the results were wonderful. They were at her apartment everyday but Sunday. She fed them a healthy lunch, tried teaching them some English, took them on trips to Celaya and Comonfort ,(they had never been outside of San Miguel), feeling that this would help them to have a future other than what they saw on the street.

Now she has several beautiful pieces of furniture that no longer fit into our new home and would like to sell them. This is not a business. When these, and and a few more things, are sold, there will be no more. The offer is only for people living in the vacinity.

Cynthia is an artist and art dealer, but her creative eye and caring heart has helped produce this beautiful furniture and perhaps has encouraged some young people to choose a life of creativity and work, rather than drugs.

Hand finished blue table with vintage hardware and matte varnished. 30" w x 31.5" h x 17" d. $1200 pesos/ $90 us.

Shades of green round table. 32" h x 15" h & d. $ 600 pesos / $45 us.
Custom painted yellow table. 32" h x 38" w x 26"d. $1200 pesos / $90 us.

SMA red corner table with matte varnish. 33" h x 27" w x 17.5" d. $650 pesos /$48.
Lunch in front of the TV

learning to paint a wall

Putting on the first coat of paint on a table