Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve (day) at the garbage dumps

Weeks of supplies have been sorted and boxed or bagged, ready to load into our vehicles

This has been a memorable day.  My daughter, Cynthia Hamilton and I volunteered to donate items and, today, drive to 2 garbage dumps to distribute  food, toys, soap, toothpaste, brushes, hot chicken plates, diapers, toilet paper and much , much, more. The people pictured actually live at the dumps. At the first dump is Dolores Hidalgo, where people do not have any running water and live off what they can salvage from the mountains of garbage, appeared as if a surrealistic vision, as soon as they knew that our caravan of 12 vehicles had pulled in. They appeared over the top of the hill and poured down to where we were unloading the cars. This is the fourth year this has been done and they knew that we were bringing precious things.The empty vista soon was filled with lines of well mannered, patient people. After an hour or more at the first dump, we drove back to San Miguel de Allende's garbage dump. There the squatters at least have some access to water and have a couple of showers and what looks like a school.
Another view of the donations

The back of my car with the first layer of things to share

Every vehicle was filled to overflowing

The line up of cars. Everything was carefully organized

This is where the people live

We've arrived and getting ready to unpack

The locals now  have bags filled to overflowing

Unloading the cars on the tarps, for the next stop.

more gifts

This was at the San Miguel dump. The people had been been lined up and waiting for us. It was well organized and here the children could come first and choose their toys.

It was a great experience for all of us and I hope to participate next years.

Felix Navidad!

Cynthia trying to get a smile from a teenager

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