Sunday, December 21, 2014

Looking for art in Guadalajara

My daughter Cynthia and I took a 3 day trip to Guadalajara hoping to explore the art scene there. We went on a Lion's Club tour, but planned on doing our own exploring. I had been to Guadalajara before and I had been impressed with the public art and had a list of galleries and museums to visit. As it turned out, the galleries were not in the center and spread out over this big city. Next time we will have to hire a driver and get to the galleries and vegetarian restaurants that I had looked up on the Internet.

Until then, we explored Guadalajara:

I'll post more tomorrow.

bronze bench outside of a museum

and a chair

we tired to find the most outrageous dress. This came close.

ceiling mural

late afternoon

The city was full of gowns. These shown from a second story

morning on one of the pedestrian streets

on my morning walk

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