Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeding the Hungry

I have been volunteering for the organization, Feed the Hungry for almost 11 years - I took too much time off when we moved to the country, but I am back now to help get the new school year started.  This organization does change the lives of children. Donations keep it going. It costs $50,000 a month to provide the meals. For $20 you can feed a child for a month. For $200, you can feed a child for a year.

I first heard of Feed the Hungry when I arrived in San Miguel and heard the story of how it began: children in the campo were sick. Doctors were taken for occasions visits, but people realized that the children were starving. Several volunteers began taking food out to the poor outside of town. The inhabitants were suspicious. What did these Gringos want now? It took a while for them to understand that the gifts of food had no strings attached.

One of the first volunteers told me this story. He saw a little boy who looked emaciated and asked him if he had eaten today. He said, "No. It wasn't my turn" This broke my heart and I joined the volunteers who pack the dry food every Saturday morning during the school year. Schools are built by donations and the children must attend school to in order to receive the nutritious meal that is carefully planned by a dietitian.

When I started, we were feeding 1000 children a week. Now it is 4000. Between 65,000 to 85,000 meals are served every month to children who otherwise would not eat or have very little to eat. I could go on and on about Feed The Hungry, but if you are interested, you can check out their website:

This morning, I thought, I can choose what I want to eat for breakfast; many others are not so fortunate.

Volunteers packing the dry food early every Saturday morning

Double checking the list of supplies for every school

Sugar is always a big order (unfortunately - in my opinion) It is only used in their fresh fruit waters

The big warehouse. On Tuesdays driver can circle through to pick up the produce and dry food that we pack on Saturdays

After work, I go to a local Saturday market to buy all the fresh produce I can carry to the car

Where ever there is a Mexican market, there are food stands .

Deep frying meat. Nothing that would interest me, since I am a vegetarian

My bag was very heavy with fruit and vegetables. The cost was about $8 U.S.