Monday, August 17, 2015

It Just Wan't Right!

The re-worked painting that I shared in the last post sat on the floor in my studio for a few days and every time I walked by, it was almost like a blow to my solar plexus. It was too busy; the face was too small; and the red was too bright, so yesterday I scraped most of the surface off and I will start over.

I want to loosen up more. I see fabulous, young artists working figuratively that are working almost magically loose and the results are incredible. First of all, I am thrilled that figurative art is once again in the forefront of the art scene, and that many young artists have the ability to draw. Drawing had been considered almost a crime several years ago. God Forbid that you had meaning and story to your work. I was told by a gallery director that if I wanted to be noticed in Mexico I had to make ANGRY art. That I wouldn't do.

Here I am at this advanced age being inspired by the brilliance of much younger artists. I am passionate about improving my painting in my last years.

after the first scraping...