Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wear one of my paintings and create literacy

Several weeks ago I received an email from VIDA asking me to send some images of my paintings. They had chosen my work from the Internet. You just never know who is seeing my posts. That was a happy surprise.

 VIDA is a global partnership of creators, pairing designers from around the world with makers in Pakistan in accordance with high ethical standards, to create original, beautiful products.  And the best part is that using part of proceeds from the sales of the products, VIDA creates literacy programs for the makers, so that they have opportunities to learn reading, writing and basic math that they would not otherwise have.

So now you have an opportunity to own a piece of my art on clothing and help create literacy.. My last name is spelled wrong on the order page, but the paintings are mine.

There is 1 day remaining to pre-order one of my paintings on blouses or scarfs.Please click this link to view and order.

Each piece is uniquely designed and custom-printed, and may vary slightly upon receipt. If pre-order goal(s) are met, item(s) will be shipped 30 days after the pre-order window closes, which may vary by product.  Your credit card will be refunded the full amount for any product(s) that do not meet the pre-order goal.

 VIDA’s story is that of the rich, interconnected world we live in -- the story of contemporary life and mindful, global citizenship.
"We are a global partnership of co-creators, from a designer in Paris, to a producer in Karachi, and a consumer in San Francisco."

Click here for more about VIDA:
list=UUVGCwEY5S0SOCN01R8vmASg or the image above.
From the painting The Necklace

From the painting Monarch Butterflies
From the painting, Mexican Sunset

From the painting, Open Arms

From the painting, With Arms Wide Open