Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Painting From Start to Finish

This new series is evolving in its own direction. The technique is something new and different for me. I am starting with an ink drawing over milk paint on a board. I choose milk paint because it creates a porous surface that is compatible with encaustic. After I get the ink drawing to meet my satisfaction, I apply several coats of clear encaustic medium. It has been challenging because my studio is cold and the encasutic hardens fast and is difficult to get as smooth as I would like. I've tried putting the painting out in the sun to warm the surface before applying the encasutic, but as soon as I bring it back in the studio, it cools off.

I use oil glazes for color and charcoal to get the blackest blacks. Both the oil and charcoal have to be fused to the encasutic for permanence. I then go in and do some scraping with a razor blade and/or a ceramic tool. Here is the result.

Me and the Boys, 100 x 80 cm. $2,800

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