Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, New Series

I enjoyed the holidays, while thinking about the new series. It had been forming in my mind for quite some time, but I wanted to finish, "Women Who Changed the World"

The new adventure is "Remembrances" These paintings are inspired by old photos that I saved from family albums and moved to Mexico with me. I don't know who some of the people in the photos are.
There is no one to ask, since my parents and brother have died. Others, I recognize family from before I was born, 

I will be using mixed media, ink drawing and washes, encaustic, oil glazes, transfers, and charcoal.

There is the progress and finished first painting.

ink drawing and washes over milk paint on cradled board, 24" x 32"

3 layers of encasutic medium, oil stick glazes and charcoal
Finished Painting, Vienna 1910

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