Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Michoacan's Artisans' Market.

The state of Michoacan Mexico, sponsors a huge artisan market every year. This happens during the pre-Easter holidays. Over the years, I have attended 4 times and never have been bored or disappointed. This particular state supports their artisans by purchasing the products of all the prize winners. The artisan get paid and can continue to work and survive and the public gets to purchase these fantastic crafts and lower prices than in galleries.

Most towns in Michoacan have their own specialty; copper. ceramic, straw products, textiles, guitars and violins, leather and more that I am forgetting. On Saturday there is big, long and noisy parade with each district showing off their particular specialty. I didn't photograph the parade this year. We were more interested in studying the crafts.

My daughter, Cynthia and I had a long weekend in Uruapan, where the big market is held along with the Casa de Cultura that houses all the prize winners. It was amazing.

Prize winner in clay figures

A whole diorama in clay

wax figure


ceramic pineapples - a symbol of Michoacan

prize winnder

This wining blouse took over a year to produce.

more winners


I bought this beauty with the variations of silver and brass in the copper

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