Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Do I do When I am Not Painting

I do make abstract art; encasutic on board; 90 x 120 cm

Hello My Friends,

It is not easy to close the door to the studio and walk away; except for when I am teaching.

I spent most of 2015 painting everyday and this year I finished 10 paintings in my new series, "Memories" Before I hit a burn out, I am clearing my mind, working online marketing and am opening to new inspiration.

I love painting figures. When I was a lot younger, photographs or paintings of landscapes left me questioning " Where are the people?" Some abstract or non-objective paintings leave me asking, "Why"?

Encaustic painting, in my opinion, has almost become a fad or cult. It is such fun to put a torch to an encasutic surface and see the paint marbleize, but again, in my opinion. a lot of this work looks like colorful vomit.

I have gone back through my older work with a critical eye. Some hold up and others are not things I want to put out in the world, now or after I die.

Before I get abstract artists jumping on my back, I appreciate and admire abstract art; the kind of art that touches my heart. I have a feeling I want to make some abstracts again when I go back to the studio.

I have updated my website, so all the new work is there:

I do things other than painting. I volunteer for Feed the Hungry.  For over 10 years, I have gone to the Warehouse early Saturday mornings to help pack dry food for the over 4000 school children we feed nutritious lunches every school day These are children who would not eat otherwise.

Sundays are an other early start. Our meditation service starts at 8:30 am. Our group is Self Realization Fellowship. We rent the Buddhist center on Sunday mornings and transform it with flowers and pictures of our gurus.

If you have an interest in reading my memoir, you can down load it from Amazon. You do not need a Kindle. It can be downloaded to other devices:
 Fireworks at Dawn"  The story of my life, available in digital form.  It is never too late to live your dream. This is the story of how I changed from an older widow, subsisting on food stamps to a recognized artist, living in joy, peace and fellowship. I moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico when I was 70 years old and started life all over again.

Fireworks at Dawn takes the reader on a journey of my life, that can appear like a roller coaster; through betrayals and blessings to this delightful last chapter of my life. 

I have one painting in a group show that opened yesterday. Encaustic on board

I am working with an app that places images of my paintings in room settings

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