Friday, April 8, 2016

Archives and Sold Paintings

A little 6"' x 6" that was sold years ago. A friend's poem, printed on a wood cut is the background

The model for this encaustic painting bought it in 2006
I have taken the last few weeks to work on updating my website. I have added images to my online galleries and archived older work; some of which I had forgotten about until I moved tables away from the art stacks and pulled out older work.

I also found old encaustic paintings that I didn't like any more. I put them outside in the intense April sun here in San Miguel de Allende and the layers of wax soften rapidly and can easily be scraped away. I have a mound of old wax piled up.

I am starting to miss working in the studio, but the weeks of computer work has left my clothes spot free and my finger nails are clean for a change.
I hope I can reuse some of this.

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