Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Foods and Flesh; Palette-able Pleasures"

In January and February of 2004, I made a series of smallish oil paintings of nudes and food. I associated food with nurturing and with women. I painted intensely, as I do with all of my series. When I am in a zone and engrossed the the energy of a series, I don't want to stop.  I stop when my muse leaves that particular zone.
If I were more commercially minded, I would make the same painting, with some variations, over and over, year after year.  I just can't do that. I get excited about a new concept and technique and just have to explore different subjects and styles.

Here is what an independent art curator in San Francisco said about this series:

"Foods and Flesh; Palette-able Pleasures"

"Throughout history artist have relied on nudes, food and landscapes for inspiration. 
In Ezshwan's body of work entitled, 'Foods and Flesh; Palette-able Pleasures', she blurs the image of food and body and their implications. The subject of food becomes a metaphor to the landscape of flesh (nakedness). The nude is more than a muse. The singularity of food is more than a prop in a still life.

For example, an empty banana peel lies at the feet of a sprawled female torso. It speaks of the vulnerability of the flesh vs. the ironic comedy of life. The nude floats at the feel of "nurture mort", unguarded.

In "Whipped Cream", the relationship between nudity is reversed; the figure is vigorous, commanding the composition of the frame and of the cream.

There is lusciousness of Ezshwan's brush that helps evoke the sensuality of the subjects and the connotation we have with the foods in question.

These paintings are not on my website. To see more recent work:

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Whipped Cream, SOLD

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