Monday, December 5, 2016

Breathe Yellow if You Need Cheering

From my book, The Power of Color.

Yellow is a stimulating and cheerful color. It can lift our spirits, remove depression and increase optimism and create harmony. Yellow represents spontaneity, activity, imagination and exhilaration. It carries he warmth of the sun, bright and happy.

The person who chooses yellow as a favorite color is usually an idealist, and someone who likes to intellectualize. That is why is is not a good color for a restaurant that want hearty eaters, drinkers and a quick second seating. Yellow influences us to sit, talk, analyze and linger over a cup of coffee. The yellow person can be a bit of a dreamer, altruistic and futuristic. If you do not agree with this person, they may withdraw temporarily.

This may be the last posting about color meanings, unless you have specific interest in colors that I have not covered.

May you day be filled with the cheerfulness of yellow.