Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cold Wax, What Would Your Choice Be?

Last year I was contacted by Jerry McLauglin and Rebecca Crowell who were writing and compiling a book on cold wax painting.  Jerry asked if I used cold wax and if so would I contribute some images.

I admit that I do not use cold wax a lot, but since I had an interest in it and had already made a batch of the medium, I created several images to send them.

A few days ago I was notified that I was in the book. It is at the publishers now and will be released soon. This inspires me to continuing adding the wax to my oils, creating a fresco-like surface. I love changing techniques.

Here are the images I sent. I wonder which one was chosen.  I am guessing that there were very few other figurative submissions. What would your choice be?