Friday, December 2, 2016

Do You Love The Color Purple?

Artists and persons of a cultural bent often prefer purple. They may be sensitive and have cultured taste. While vanity may be involved, the purple lovers have unusual endowments; are fond of all the arts, philosophy, ballet and the symphony. They may be temperamental and difficult to live with even if one is accepted by them. They carefully avoid the sordid, primitive and vulgar aspects of life and have high ideals for themselves and others.

The violet ray is divided into two parts, the amethyst or spiritual part, and the purple, the worldlier. Purple can stimulate passion and the desire for power. Think of the royal purple robes of kings. Commoners were not allowed to wear or use purple. This color can influence the higher mind. Violet stimulate the germination of higher forms of life in every kingdom.

What is your favorite color?