Thursday, February 16, 2017

Build It And They Will Come

Fix the road, I should say.

We live in a lovely house about a 15 minute drive from town, San Miguel de Allende; however, when students or clients finally get here, they usually comment, "Oh my god, that road is terrible" I did agree; there were gaping holes filled with jagged rocks that could cut car tires and destroy shocks.

A while back we put some money in a community fund towards repairing the road, but nothing happened. Although we are the only renters in our neighborhood, I decided I had to do something about the abominable road. My all-around handy man and studio assistant ordered a 1/2 truck load of gravel and he spent a good part of the day filling in the most treacherous, dangerous hole. Later, that evening, I received thank you notices from 8 of our neighbors.

I also put a map with directions to the house on my website.

Yesterday, I received some delightful people for a studio visit, and sold 2 paintings. They did come! Two paintings sold. I now have a fascinating commission that I look forward to and a suggestion that I show my art in Paris.

Next, perhaps I can convince Google Maps to include our address.
Sold, Transitions #2

Sold: Cold wax on paper

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