Tuesday, February 28, 2017

All That Jazz

For 12 years I sketched and painted only jazz musicians. I was privileged to be able to travel with my late husband, Kai Winding,( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_Winding) to clubs, festivals, recording sessions and jigs; both in the States and internationally. I carried my sketchbook at all times and even was given a press pass at the Nice, France annual festival. I was free to go back stage, sit on the steps of the stage, or be out front, as long as I did not get in the way of the cameras.

Kai died in 1983 and I moved back to Arizona from our home in Spain in 1986. There I continued to go to clubs and rapidly sketch the local musicians. I regularly exhibited my work in galleries and most of it was sold.

It took me a few years to recognize the jazz part of my life was over. I no longer was a participant of that scene and began to concentrate on painting women. ( There were few women in the jazz picture in those days) I was asked if I didn't like men. Of course I like men, but after all the years of painting almost only men, I was ready of a change.

Here are some memories of that time and well as the quick sketches and some paintings of many jazz greats.
Dizzy and me

A Tribute To A Great Musician

Kai Winding, encaustic on paper

Stan Getz, encaustic on paper

"If It Don't Swing, It Don't Mean A Thing" Mixed media on canvas, property of a museum

Bill Evans ink on paper

Red Mitchel, ink on paper

Grand Parade de Jazz, Nice, France

Louie, mixed media on canvas

Red Mitchel, transfer on encaustic

last time I saw Kai play, Japan 1982

Book I wrote when I was a yoga teacher