Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Do You Love Blue?

The last post I shared, was about the color red and the mostly red encaustic painting I had just finished; now sold.

Here is there blue one. "Starry Night" Encaustic on cradled board.

"Blue is a passive and restful color. Blood pressure can lower and the heartbeat and respiration can slow down. Blue indices a feeling of tranquility, contentment and addiction. It is cooling, refuting and is the color of the throat chakra.

Psychologically, the blue ray quiets the mind and helps us to establish the felling of peace. It can be depressing if ones feeling sad. In that case the energy of red of orange is needed. Blue is the color of truth, peace. poise and serenity.

Azure and sapphire blue indicates truth and inspiration, harmony, calmness, courtesy and happiness, both eternal and spiritual. Dark blue indicates refinement. Pale blue equals simplicity, innocence and candor. Electric blue magnetizes the personality. Indigo sdenotes intuition and spiritual perception. This color steadies or slows the energy and is good for meditation and devotional practises. Aqua caries clarity."

From my book, The Power of Color available as a Kindle download.

"Starry Night" 32" x 40" available, $

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