Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A woman painting women

This series, "Into the Silence" will be all women - I think... I am still struggling not to make pretty pictures of pretty women. I have seen the paintings of a few male artists, particularly those working in encaustic whose work looks like fantasy women preparing for a sexual encounter or something from a girlie magazine. Even at first glance I know they have been painted by men. That is not how I see women or want to paint them.

I am experimenting with screening over the faces.  I have been trying to get that right for months. I feel closer, but not there yet.

I worked on these paintings today.

Experimenting with technique. Getting closer, but there yet.

I thought this was finished. After photographing, I see that I need more intense darks and perhaps some other color in the background. I'll give it a rest for a couple of days
drawings on larger board - that's for tomorrow
more experimenting

Another drawing for tomorrow. Maybe I should just study for my Thursday Spanish class.