Friday, February 20, 2015

Artists Helping Artists

San Miguel de Allende is a special place for artists, and independent women. We support and help each other whenever possible.

I had the pleasure of helping a long time friend, Agnes Olive, with her studio sale. The rent had been doubled and she felt it was time to clear the space and see what the future will hold.

Of course the studio was packed with art and craft supplies that had been accumulated over many years and it took several days just to get everything out and placed on tables and prices. We had some laughs since our art is very different, She is a assemblage artist and I am a painter, and I questioned what some of her stuff was.

She also brought in many of her works having decided to offer an art sale as well as selling the supplies.

Six of her friends helped with the sale for 2 days. And I got first choice on one of her pieces ( because I was there before the doors opened.) Crowds came and many were fortunate enough to buy her original works at a once in a life time price.
Bathrooms need art also.

I am thrilled to have it home and hung it in the guest bathroom where it joins other art.
"The Nat Spirit of Myanmar," Agnes Olive.

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