Saturday, February 14, 2015

My website, a work in progess

I started building my new website in November and thought it was pretty much finished. It seems each time I go back, I find more things to be added or edited.

We have had 2 cool (cold for my body) and rainy days. I know, I know I should not even mention my discomfort when the east coast of the U.S. is having unprecedented snow and cold. I check the daily weather reports for San Miguel everyday hoping to see that we soon will have sunny warm days again. O.K., next week. In the meantime, since almost all the homes here do not have central heating, I am sitting at my desk, wearing 4 layers of warm clothes and working on the website again. Please check it out:, and let me know what you think.

I am planning on offering special sales, or a drawing for a painting to one or two people who will sign up to be on my mailing list and  news letter. If you would like sign up, please go to my fan page on Facebook and click on email sign up on the left side of the page:

In the meantime here is a photo of me when the sun was out, during the Day Of The Dead celebration.