Monday, February 9, 2015

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde!

I believe that I am  a ridiculously organized person. I have been a professional artist for more years than most people have been alive. I have owned art galleries and mounted many shows, but yesterday I really blew it.

For two years I have supported the Children's Art Foundation in San Miguel, by contributing a painting for their art auction. It is the only organization that I now support by offering my art. The auction is a professionally run and a wonderful, fun event. BUT yesterday while I was sitting with my SRF group, meditating in our once a month long meditation, a thought flew into my almost still mind. THE ART AUCTION IS TODAY! ; and I didn't get my painting to them.

Well, that was the end of meditation. I left the group at the next break; hurried home and checked my emails and sure enough I had missed the auction. I emailed Hannah Jarmain, the founder of the organization, the organiser of the auction and a friend. I was mortified. My mantra has been, "My word is my bond" It has to be the fault of Mercury Retrograde. It certainly couldn't be mine.

Hannah got back to me, telling me that my painting had been sold, even though it wasn't there. The tiny picture of it was in the catalogue. A person who knew and loved my work offered the winning bid. Today, when I took the painting to the hotel where the event was held, I was told that several people were looking for my missing painting.

"Activity and Intensity" has a new home today.

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