Thursday, May 21, 2015

Face #45

Yesterday, my helper and I installed 45 faces in the gallery. Five more will go up next Tuesday when he returns.  I think I am finished with 2 more - I'll look at them later, so there are only 3 more to go. It is interesting to me that I do not feel burned out and still find each face fascinating, but I am happy that I decided to make only 50 rather than the original 100.

I have been asked if they are for sale. Yes, they are and can be removed after the show. (I will figure out the date soon) The price is $425 + shipping. I will do commissions if you want your portrait and I haven't been able to include it in this series. The price will be $550, for the same 10" x 10" painting. Of course, I offer larger portraits as well and they are priced by size.

I am pleased on how they look grouped together and I will post a photo later.

The first visitors came in the afternoon and they had fun posing with their portraits.

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