Friday, May 1, 2015

Portrait Project #29, Fifty Faces

I bought more boards, brushes and paint. My studio is filling up with faces.

I am asked, "When are you going to have the show of the faces?" I will have the exhibition when they are finished. I hope in a couple of months. I am planning the layout in my home gallery.

 I would like to paint everyday, but life, sometimes, gets in the way. Yesterday, I went shopping in Leon for the first time and I was able to buy comfortable shoes, for my old feet, that I can not get in San Miguel.

Today, I am teaching some 40 year olds how to start a blog. I don't think it will take all day, so I should be able to spend a few hours in the studio.

I know I asked for unsmiling photos, but when Janet sent me her selfie, I accepted the challenge, because I can not image her not smiling.