Monday, May 18, 2015

Playing Hooky

Practically no time was spent in the studio yesterday. 

Everyday Sunday, early in the morning, I go into centro to the meditation center for our weekly group SRF meditation. I get home around 10:30, have breakfast and then my daughter, Cynthia Hamilton, and I go for a visit and vegetable gathering in our neighbors' garden. Liz and Kath are a great couple and we have so much fun sharing stories after our harvesting.(check out Cynthia's blog. You do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy it."

On Tuesday afternoons I am giving drawing lessons to a young Mexican man, Luis, that Kath and Liz have taken under their expansive wings. He is talented, but lacks drawing skills. He is eager and willing to learn and I am sure he will soon have the eye and hand cordenation necessary to make good drawings of faces.We are doing a trade for all the vegetables we can carry in 3 baskets from this beautiful huerta.

I did work at least 30 minutes in the studio, stopped for a delicious comida and then got ready for a delightful evening with neighbors in a fairy tale garden. This day is a reminder that there is life outside the studio.
Kath picking green beans

The last of the lettuce. It is huge and sweet

One of the perfectly round beets we brought home

enough squash for several meals

laden baskets

End of the Day

The table started to fill

Ahh. A wonderful end of a lovely Sunday

Wisdom of the Ages

I finished this face Saturday. This woman was the star of a show I did quite a few years ago. At that time I painted all Mexican woman using encaustic. Almost everyone of the paintings of her has sold, so I added one done in oil to this latest project.