Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Catching Up and Weeding Out

After almost 5 days without an Internet connection at home, I have a lot of online things to catch up with. With the down time I had, I have been going through older paintings in the stacks and photos on the computer. Time to weed out what is not worth keeping and re-visit the paintings that I am pleased with.

Here are some paintings that I pulled out of the stacks:
My first encaustic portrait, done about 10 years ago

The above painting was made over an older abstract one from my color and surface work. I did it quickly and I still like it, Perhaps I should use older abstracts as the under painting of more figurative work. What do you think?

This is from a series I made about 10 years ago also. I collaged photos of San Miguel with ancient Mexican symbols that I carved into the encaustic. 

I have several paintings left from the above series. All that carving left my fingers hurting.

These 2 are a diptych, "The Magnet" I was surprised that they didn't sell. I can't guess what will appeal to collectors.

"The Mask", encaustic on board, about 2009, 100 x 80 cm