Friday, July 17, 2015

Now, I am really finished!

Here is where it started

stage 2

didn't like the face of the model, so changed it.

couldn't leave this alone. I need someone in the studio to grab the brush out of my hand
I had this painting staring at me every time I walked int the studio and I just couldn't leave it alone.The eyes weren't right; it was ordinary... I wasn't satisfied, so I kept working. More time on a painting isn't necessarily going to make it better. I added encaustic around the head; oil glaze; carved into it and rubbed on copper leaf. O.K. Now it is looking decorative. Time to put it out of sight.

I had told myself that I needed a break from the studio - except for teaching, of course, and I didn't follow my own advise.

Another painting I have been re-working is calling to me. Maybe I can ignore that call for another day.
"Long Ago and Far Away" no more work on this painting!!!