Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mexico City! I love you!

The young chef of Antonlia. He and Cynthia had a conversation about food, recipes and the layering of flavors.
A luxurious 3 1/2 to 4 hours bus trip takes us into another world; a world of diversity, urban chic, sparkling sky scrapers, magnificent museums, fine dining, street vendors, crumbling buildings, sidewalks that are being broken and raised by the roots of trees; massive traffic jams, lush, green parks and decaying remnants of dying neighborhoods. History and culture mix with poverty and desperation.

Cynthia and I needed a vacation. I was burned out artistically and wanted to look at new art. My eyes needed to focus on great and not-so-great art. Most of what I saw was uplifting. In fact I fell in love with a painting that had drawn us into the restaurant Antolia in Col. Roma. This painting touched my heart and I wished to buy it and live with it for the rest of my life. I will start saving my pesos and if it it still there when we go back to D.F. - hopefully soon, I will take the painting home with me.
the painting I want is the middle top one. Cynthia choosing which unusual taste sensation we will enjoy.

small park in Col. Roma
Cynthia at the Museo Tamayo restaurant
Col. Roma
Mercado Roma

The same artist painted the work behind me. It is not often that I see figurative work that is beautifully executed, with deep meaning - except online. I wish the photos were sharper. It was getting dark and about to rain.