Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How Can The Color Red Heal?

Red is a forceful and stimulating color. It is the great energizer. Red helps us integrate into our physical body; it speeds up the pulse rate, raises the blood pressure and increases the respiration. It is a color of activity and intensity...

The person who chooses red as a favorite color is strong and dominate; someone who will try to make things happen....
Red in Healing

Red is effectual in cases of blood poisoning. It influences the liver, relieves asthma, inflamed appendix, hives and hastens post operative healing. In controlled tests in a Scandinavian hospital postoperative patients that were covered with red blankets were found to heal faster than those on whom the red blankets were not used. Red releases adrenaline and is helpful in anemia. Red light shines on the body manufactures new red blood cells. Use in any area that needs stimulation; around the navel and groin for sluggish intestines and for increasing sexual desire...

These partial quotes are from my book, "The Power of Color" available on Amazon Kindle.

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