Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Is Orange Your Favorite Color?

Orange personalities are friendly, have a ready smile, a quick wit and are fluent, if not profound in speech. They are persons of good cheer and are able to get along with anyone. Orange fosters the will to succeed, optimism, and courage. People who are drawn to orange are good natured and usually do not like to be alone, They may remain single and share their vitality with all they meet.

Orange carries intense energy and vitality. It is the social color; luminous and warn rather than hot like red. it has an uplifting vitality that frees the body and mind and gives both physical vivacity and mental stimulation. new ideas are more easily assimilated when orange is used. If there is depression, lack of confidence or mental retardation, orange can help to raise the enthusiasm level and supply courage and power to cope with life.

This is a partial explanation from my book, The Power of Color" Available on Amazon Kindle