Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Is Blue Your Favorite Color, Or Is It?

Color is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a vibration of luminous. radiant energy When the eyes perceive a color, a response is triggered in the unconscious psyche that affects a response in the physiology.

I have studied color for more than 40 years. It is much more than choosing colors on my palette. I gave seminars and taught a class in a junior college on this subject. I also wrote a book on how your color choices influence your health and emotions. The specific vibrations of each color triggers your personal energy field. It affects your moods, health and general well being. 60% of a person’s reaction to any situation is said to be based on color.
 Once you know a person's color preferences, you will be able to understand her better.
People who choose blue as their favorite color are real home lovers. They can be conservative and tr;y to appear to be emotionally controlled. They are usually truthful and sensitive. It may be hard for them to express their deepest feelings. They make loyal friends, parents and spouses and want to avoid tense situations. An intimate party at home is preferred to a large social gathering.

Children's preference for blue means they like conformity and they are usually willing to obey and control or suppress feelings.

Of course there is more to the power of blue, including using blue in healing.

Would you like me to post information on other colors?