Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to figurative encaustic painting

I have been working on some abstract paintings over the last 2 weeks, and now I feel pushed to get back to figurative. I love drawing and painting the figure, but I was so out of the zone that I had to pick up my own book, "Painting Portraits in Encaustic" to remind me of how I do it!I know myself well enough that it will probably take a few bad starts and some scraping away to get the natural momentum building again.
In the meantime here is a painting I did last year. It is not part of a series, but stands alone. It had been another less than satisfactory painting that I scraped down to the board, to find a colorfully stained board with a thin layer of wax still on it. I began drawing with charcoal, hence the very dark blacks. I continued with encaustic paint and oil glazes.
Flirtation, 24" x 32"