Friday, September 6, 2013

Mexico City, a daughter's visit, and the teachers' strike

I made a quick trip to D.F. to meet my daughter, Renee at the airport. She hasn't made a trip here in about 8 years and never experienced Mexico City. Since it is a city I love, I wanted to show her a bit of the place. We only had a day and we covered as much as possible.

Thousands of teachers and their tents filled the Zocolo, the huge plaza in front of the government offices. The feeling of the center was completely different. Many central streets were closed. It was quiet. No dancers, drums, healers. We moved through the tangled of ropes that were holding up the tents to get to the ruins of the pyramids and Templo Mayor museum. Although I have been there many times, I always find it interesting. We visited the Spanish Cultural Center that always provides an experience in art and installation that is cutting edge in a contemporary setting. On the lower floor, the ancient stone steps and ceramics are displayed that were found when the old building was demolished to build the cultural center.

By afternoon the striking teachers had blocked the road to the airport, making  traffic diversions. Our cab to the bus station crawled through bumper to bumper traffic, getting us to our bus about 60 seconds before it left for San Miguel.

Ahh, it is good to be home.
Renee's first glimpse of the Zocolo. Not exactly what I had planned

A view from the terrace of a restaurant. Below the pyramid ruins and beyond the tents in the plaza

Renee has traveled in many countries, but she said she had never seen anything like D.F.
Lunch on a roof top

A cake ... really it is.

another engineering feat. A monumental cake.
Renee on the top floor of the Spanish Cultural Center. The cathedral in the background.