Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is your favorite color?

My book will show you how your color choices influence your health and emotions. Learn how color touches you even if you don’t notice it or understand its force. The specific vibrations of each color triggers your personal energy field. It affects your moods, health and general well being. 60% of a person’s reaction to any situation is said to be based on color.
You can learn healing tips, personality insights, color breathing, and color meditations. For instance, what does it mean if red is your favorite color? Or what kind of personality are you if you dislike red? Read about all the colors. Once you know a person's color preferences, you will be able to understand him or her better.
I used this information in my color seminars when I worked for 3 Ethan Allen stores. At first, I asked participants to write their name tags in their favorite color, but had to stop that practice, when they realized how much their color choices told others about their personalities.

This book is available for download on Kindle, smart phones or your computer.

Color influences how we feel and look even if we are not aware of its potency. It is around us and touches us even if we don’t understand its force. The specific vibrations of each color trigger our personal energy field even if we can’t see them. The colorblind person is affected, as are the totally blind. In controlled studies, colored paper samples were offered to the blind volunteers and they could feel the variation between the different colors. A colorblind friend told me that he could sense the colors in paintings that he collects.
Color is powerful. It affects our moods, health and general well being. 60% of a person’s reaction to any situation is often based on color.
Color can raise or lower blood pressure, create passion or tranquilize our aggressive action, stimulate our appetites and manipulate our behavior. Studies have proven that color triggers a response both psychologically and physically. It affects our emotions and attitudes more than most of us realize.

What if red is your favorite color?

Personality Traits of Red.

The person who chooses red as a favorite color is strong and dominant; someone who will try to make things happen. There is tremendous drive, energy, and enthusiasm. They make quick judgments and want to lead, and may blame others if the red personality is not successful.
The darker the red favored, the more sensual, dominant and demanding the person is likely to be. The clear, bright reds indicate self confidence, drive, and warm generosity. Red lovers are the “look at me” types, extroverted but practical and desirous of an active love life.
Children who prefer red are uncomplicated and uninhibited and have a love of like. Red used defiantly means hostility or a desire for affection.
I describe all the healing qualities of each color and the personality types that are attracted   to each.