Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Challenge of Painting a Woman's Face.

I have been painting women for the past 25 years. I love painting women; but with this portrait project, I am finding that I have been restraining my bold painting on the female faces. This portraits are not commissions; no one is paying for them and I should be able to express my style without hesitancy. I find it much easier to freely paint the male faces.

Years ago I painted mostly men, since my theme for 12 years was jazz musicians. Most of the subjects were men that I met because of my late husband, Kai Winding, who was a part of "The Giants of Jazz". I went with him to recording sessions, jazz clubs and jazz festivals.` I always carried my sketch pad. Every summer for years, I exhibited my paintings of the jazz greats at the Nice, France jazz festival.

I am fascinated with all faces and that is why I am working on this project. I also want to get over my seeming indecisivness with the women's faces.

I went back to a previous published portrait of a lovely woman and reworked it to loosen it.

I am more satisfied with it now.

                            Below is the process of another female face. I think they are getting easier.